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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Thank you for visiting my website. It's awesome you're here. I hope as you explore my site, you find one of these three things throughout: education, inspiration, or entertainment. Please subscribe to my blog here! If you have something of interest you'd like me to write about, or wish to share here, just  Drop Me a Line on the form. I always respond to everyone.

If you're wondering how I came up with the site name, well it was tricky. Kaleidoscope Compass is meant to provide a format for me to write about things that interest you. A kaleidoscope is a constantly changing pattern or sequence of objects, elements (ideas), or events. A compass can mean the range, scope, or direction of something. Doing some research, I found that based on Latin com- ‘together’ + passus ‘a step or pace’ is the context with which I write. So, to me, Kaleidoscope Compass means constantly changing ideas that we will explore together. Topics I know about, research, and enjoy include human resources, small business, travel, boating, photography, and so many others. 


I am a first-generation college graduate. Dad had some college before he went off to war, and mom completed secretarial school. However, neither had a college degree. At 14, I started working for a pharmacy for 50 cents an hour and continued to work through high school at various jobs. During my high school years, I participated in the DECA program, where I won several competitions in sales, presentation, leadership, and entrepreneurship. I finished a year of secretarial education and moved on to other endeavors.

Life brings change, and I was blessed with two sons. My entrepreneurial spirit led me to a successful career teaching painting. And then, life changed again. As a single parent, I maximized my skills and went from working as an administrative assistant to an executive assistant, to project manager, to the director, and from there to CEO of my own consulting business. I completed my MBA late in life, finding my niche in human resources including career coaching, and leadership development.


My human resources career expanded exponentially with the onset of outplacement contracting with the leading firms at that time. I was hired to establish, manage a career center, provide job search training, and career coaching for senior executives. My work took me all over the US with outstanding results for my clients and successful candidates. My human resources career has taken me overseas for 10 years working with leaders of countries, to establish modern human resources departments, assessment centers, and performance management systems. I also provided career coaching to their leadership.

My focus is to contribute to organizations by providing advanced human resources methodologies that challenged conventional thinking, internal norms, and leadership problems in various industries, governments, and nonprofits. My reputation as an executive coach and human resources leader has earned me awards both domestically and internationally, and I’m recognized as a subject matter expert in human resources, business needs interpreter, solutions finder, strategy plotter, learning provider, people guide, and business navigator. I place my highest emphasis on the value of people, and their ability to find inside of an organization or do their own thing as a business owner.


My visual passion is photography (marcyfletchallphotography.com). I'm sure you'll see some of my work on my blog.


So there you have it...purpose and passions. Don't forget to subscribe to my blog, and come back regularly to find something that educates, inspires, or entertains you.