Updated: 10/01/2021

We want you to Write for us!! Guidelines to follow:

Content Idea: Please let us know the topic(s) of the article(s) you want to write for us before writing. We want to review your ideas to ensure they align with our SEO content.

Keyword Research: Our technical team will contact you to provide a few keywords that can be used in your article(s).


Original Content: Your content must be unique and original (not already published anywhere online). Google Algorithm recognizes original content as original if it hasn't been posted on any other website. Otherwise, it's considered plagiarism, which will lower both of us on Google Search. 

Recommended article length: Your content should be between 500-800 words.

Article sharing: If you want to share an article once it's published on kaleidoscopecompass.com website, do not republish on other websites, blogs or social media. If you want to share your article on your website, you only may share the link or url. Do not copy the text article or blog post to your website, any other website or social media.

Article Structure: Articles shall be written and submitted in MS Word or Google Docs. Articles that are PDF or any other format will not be accepted. Paragraphs shall be no more than 3-4 sentences in length. Submitted articles must have an optimized Page Title and Media Description at the beginning of the article. Our technical team will ensure the article is formatted and the proper font is used before publishing. Content shall not be edited, changed, or rearranged. Content shall be checked for plagiarism and spelling. Articles with plagiarism or similarity over 10% (allowed by Google) will be returned.

Images and Video: You may use podcasts, videos, or images inside your article(s) for which you have ownership or some tangible agreement to use. You shall provide evidence of ownership or license of any podcasts, videos, or photos, using only the media you own. Any media, photos, podcasts, or videos shall come to us with an email stating you give us permission to use media owned by you.

Link Exchange: We will provide one backlink to your website from our blog to one of the following on your site: your article on your blog or your website. You will provide a backlink from your website to our blog or website at kaleidoscopecompass.com.


Author Display: Your name, as the author, will be displayed on your article at the time of posting on our website. You may include a 3-4 sentence bio at the end of the article, and a small picture of yourself.

Examples or guest posts: Please follow our article posts as examples of how they should be structured.


Publishing decision: Once you submit your article, we will review and contact you within 2-3 business days. If we decline to publish your article, we will explain the reason for the decline. 

terms of Agreement and use

  • By submitting your original article(s) to KaleidoscopeCompass.com, you agree that we may use your article on our website. 

  • You acknowledge the submitted article is not plagiarized, and is your original researched work.

  • You agree to provide KaleidoscopeCompass.com with a backlink from your website to our website at KaleidoscopeCompass.com.

  • If you choose to submit podcasts, videos or photos or post them within your blog on our website, you agree you have given KaleidoscopeCompass.com permission in writing to do so and you have permission to use this media.

  • You agree that the articles submitted by you with the proper authorization are provided willingly, and you are not being paid, you do not expect payment, and there is no copyright infringement of any sort.

  • These Terms of Agreement and Use are valid before, during and after being posted on our website.

  • By uploading articles on our website, you agree your article(s) will become property of https://www.kaleidoscopecompass.com/.

  • You will not publish this article on any other website or anywhere on the internet without first asking permission from us. The article will be kept indefinitely on the website Blog tab, and after a period of time, will be moved to the Archive section of the website for ongoing access to view.

advertisement and sponsered post

If you want to advertise with banner ads, sponsored posts, or video advertisements, please contact us at: hello@kaleidoscopecompass.com for more information. We would be pleased to have your ads on our website.