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7-Somewhat Easy Steps to Create an Organizational Structure for Your Small Business

Managing a business can be daunting. It isn’t simply opening the doors, customers will come, and employees will know what to do. It’s more of planning, planning, planning, and finally executing

The Top 10 Benefits of Job Descriptions for Your Small Business

Although not legally required by the government, job descriptions are helpful documents and bedrocks for keeping employees and management on track for performance standards and setting solid expectations.

The Employee Handbook Quandary for Small Busines

Congratulations! You’ve passed the first few hurdles of starting a business by creating a business plan, developing a strategic plan, and establishing an organizational structure. 


I have had the pleasure to work with Marcy on numerous projects. Her attention to detail, knowledge of HR law, and professional demeanor has saved my employer’s countless money. With Marcy’s assistance, I have never lost an HR or unemployment case. Any company or individual who needs HR advice WILL benefit when working with Marcy.

Jim Carter, VP of Operations, Staylist RV Reservation Systems

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We provide advice, research, and how-to insights to help you, a budding entrepreneur owner, build a successful and thriving small business. The more you know, the more you understand, prepare, and execute, the better the chances are you will succeed in building and maintaining for years to come a thriving business.